Why you should NOT delay Infertility Treatment

Sometimes, it's important NOT TO DELAY treatment of Infertility.

The main determinant of success of any treatment is the age. As you delay treatment, the age increases and the success decreases.

Often the couples give reasons for delaying the treatment

1) Monetary reasons (often they decide not to treat now because of financial reasons)

2) Family commitment (taking care of somebody at home or even marriage of brothers/ sisters)

3) Career goals (because if starting a new job, waiting for transfer or promotion or higher studies)

4) What people will say (sometimes the couples want to start treatment but the family members or friends discourage them).

As a result, the couples start moving from one clinic to another without doing any treatment at all. Thus they depend money, time and energy.

Everything can be regained but NOT the TIME. No treatment can reduce your age.

Consequently, when the couples finally get ready for the treatment after arranging money, finishing family commitment, achieving career goals and overcoming "what people will say", it may be TOO LATE.

Therefore, even with the best possible efforts, pregnancy becomes difficult. Moreover, with time the cost of treatment increases.

So if you are thinking to start treatment, DO NOT WASTE your TIME.

This unfortunate couple finally decided for IVF at 36 years of age. Initially the response was good but during OPU (Ovum Pick Up- "Egg Collection") , the egg qualities were found to be seriously compromised. As a result, no embryo could be transferred and the cycle was CANCELLED.