Spontaneous Pregnancy in Low AMH before Egg Donation-IVF

Everything is POSSIBLE in Infertility.

The couple had been trying for pregnancy for EIGHT long years. The woman was diagnosed with Poor Ovarian Reserve (POR), that is low Egg Count as seen by low AMH and Low AFC. She was advised to try for IVF with Self-eggs and also IVF with Donor-eggs. She could not afford IVF.

She came to us last week. She is already 38 years old and is not having periods for last nine months. Blood results showed high FSH, meaning that she was having Premature Menopause. We thought she would probably require egg donation and IVF.

Before prescribing medicines to induce the periods, we always want to make sure that it's not because of pregnancy. We asked her if she tested urine for pregnancy test. She said, "No, Because I know it would be NEGATIVE. Whenever I had delayed periods, I tested urine but always it came negative". But we insisted on it repeatedly. Reluctantly, she tested the urine after buying the kit from the nearby shop.

And it became POSITIVE.

(Picture taken with kind permission).

Please pray for her.

  • So, Pregnancy is POSSIBLE after Menopause.

  • Pregnancy is POSSIBLE after Premature Menopause.

  • Natural Conception is POSSIBLE after Menopause.

  • Natural Pregnancy is POSSIBLE even when you lose all hope and plan for Egg-Donation-IVF.