Single Fallopian Tube Block, Pcos, Pregnancy

PCOS women often conceive with simple weight reduction and Ovulation Induction (giving medicines to help the eggs grow and rupture). But while advising Ovulation Induction, it's extremely important that the patient is monitored by TVS Follicular Study to see if the medicines are effective in causing Ovulation.

Often we find one tube is blocked in HSG and other tube is open. If one tube is open, that's enough to result in pregnancy, if other factors are OK.

This lady has been trying for pregnancy for last one year. She is having PCOS and one tube blocked in HSG. Husband's report is normal. We advised them Letrozole for Ovulation Induction and asked for TVS to confirm Ovulation.

Today she came with smiling face. She conceived after 1st cycle of taking the medicine!!!!.

Please pray for her.