Repeated Miscarriage and Infertility

Patient presented to us with previous 2 early miscarriage (no heart beat seen) followed by secondary Infertility.

All investigations were normal (hormones, ultrasound, tubes, semen). Regarding Miscarriage- karyotype, Anti Phospho lipid antibody, 3D ultrasound all were normal.

She was obese with hypothyroid.

As a treatment of "UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY" she received several cycles.

The Recurrent Miscarriage was also UNEXPLAINED.

We discussed with her next treatment plan. She tried to wait and fortunately conceived within 3 months SPONTANEOUSLY.

Regarding UNEXPLAINED REPEATED MISCARRIAGE, we discussed with her treatment options and their limitations and lack of GUARANTEE that these treatment are 100% effective. She opted for these treatment as a last resort. These are called "EMPIRICAL TREATMENT".

We repeatedly explained that all these treatment may fail and without medicine successful outcome can happen.

We planned for delivery at 37 weeks. But suddenly she went into labour and the liquor was MECONIUM STAINED (baby passed stool and was distressed before delivery). So decision for Emergency C Section was taken.
She delivered a healthy Male Baby last night.

A mother's smile with her baby in her lap is just DIVINE.

PS- taken kind permission to publish the picture