Pregnancy is Unpredictable
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Pregnancy is sometimes very much unpredictable.

This woman conceived spontaneously while she was abroad. She came to us last week with ultrasound report showing Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR). We planned for delivery by 37 weeks.

On 11.06.2018 she presented as EMERGENCY with labour pain at 6 PM. We decided to proceed for Emergency Caesarean Section at 9 PM. It was at 35 weeks.

As per our protocol, husband was allowed inside the theatre during C Section. Baby was delivered, with reduced water (liquor).

The delivery was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for abnormally shaped uterus.

The stitching of the uterus was far more DIFFICULT. It took unusually longer time to complete the operation.

The posterior area of uterus showed SEVERE ENDOMETRIOSIS that started to bleed profusely and was managed by different techniques.

The relationship between two Fallopian tubes and the ovaries were extremely distorted and even we could not understand where the tubes were actually.

Usually these patients need IVF for conception.

But it is beyond our knowledge how did she conceive spontaneously.

Finally mother and baby are doing well.

Thus pregnancy is an enigma. We don't know why the couples with all factors normal, fail to conceive. On the other hand couples with very bad results conceive without any treatment.