Mumps Can Affect Your Sperm Count !!!

What is Mumps?

Mumps is viral disease, that can cause fever and infection of Parotid Glands (The salivary glands located on both the cheeks). As a result, there will be pain and swelling in one or both cheeks and difficulty and pain during swallowing. In most cases, the disease resolves by itself without any complications.

How Mumps can affect the sperms?

In some cases, if Mumps happens after the puberty (after you developed beard and moustache and your sex organs are fully developed- around 14-15 years of age), there may be MUMPS ORCHITIS, that is the virus can affect one or both testicles. It can cause severe pain and swelling in one or both sides of the scrotum (the sac that contains the testicles). Usually mumps orchitis subsides with simple treatment.

But in many cases, it can damage the sperm-producing capacity of the testicles. As a result, the man can have very low or absent sperm counts, problems in sperm motility (ability to move) or morphology (the shape of the sperms). Thus, if you had mumps orchitis, you can suffer from Infertility.

I had mumps orchitis when I became adult. What should I do?

Don't panic unnecessarily. In all cases of mumps orchitis, there may not be any problem. But if you are planning for a baby, please talk to your doctor. You need to have Semen Analysis in the laboratory to check your sperms. After that, your doctor can advise you physical examination and/or ultrasound of your scrotum to check the size of your testicles. You may need blood tests to check for hormone levels.

I am having problems in sperm count because of mumps orchitis. Can I become father?

Of course, you can. The treatment is same, like other causes if sperm problems.

  • In mild cases, medicines may be tried.
  • In moderate cases, you can think of IUI (IntraUterine Insemination) using your own sperms.
  • In severe cases, you can do IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) using your own sperms.
  • If you have no sperms (Azoospermia), you can consider an operation (TESA) to collect sperms from your scrotum and then doing ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection).
  • If you can't afford ICSI, you have the option of IUI using donor sperms.

I had mumps after I became adult but no orchitis. Should I worry?

Sometimes mumps virus can affect the sperms without any feature of orchitis. So, you should consult your doctor on this issue.

I had Mumps at very early age. Should I worry?

Not at all. Mumps, if happens before puberty, will not affect your fertility.

Picture 1- The semen analysis report of a man, aged 34 years now. He had "Mumps Orchitis" at 26 years of age. There is no sperm in the semen ("Azoospermia").

Picture 2, 3, 4- The ultrasound report of the same man, showing both the testicles are small sized.

Picture 5- The semen analysis of another man, aged 39 years, showing low sperm count and low motility. He had "Mumps Orchitis" when he was 32 years old

PS- Published with kind permission from the patients.