IUI-Pregnancy, Triplet, PCOS, Erectile Dysfunction
  • It’s the perseverance, trust, Confidence and strong Positive Attitude that gave the results.
  • Couple with 3 years of Infertility.
  • Woman having PCOS and the man having some Sexual Dysfunction.
  • After discussion of merits and demerits, opted for IUI.
  • 1st IUI cycle FAILED but the woman’s positive attitude persisted and so she camefor 2nd cycle in next month.
  • This time urine test was POSITIVE for pregnancy and surprisingly it was TRIPLET baby (2 baby in one sac and another one in separate sac)

It was VERY HIGH RISK PREGNANCY and so, we offered her SELECTIVE FETAL REDUCTION (converting Triplet to Twin by“killing” the mostly affected baby).

But we had to respect her choices, as she said “High risk DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN THAT I WILL HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS”.

Pregnancy was complicated by moderate intermittent BLEEDING, Gestational DIABETES (GDM), Obstetric Cholestasis (Abnormal LIVER function), Severe ANAEMIA, LOW LYING Placenta and Inadequate GROWTH of 2 babies.

She was thoroughly monitored by frequent check up, regular blood tests, 2 weekly ultrasound.

We decided to deliver her at 32weeks after arranging a JOINT MEETING with neonatologist, fetal Medicine specialist and the patient and her husband.

STEROID injection was given to promote LUNG MATURITY of the BABIES.

This time also, they held strong positive response, even after explaining the risks and costs.

  • Suddenly, at 27 weeks her WATER was BROKEN and was hospitalized and decision for delivery was taken after giving ANTIBIOTICS and ARRANGING BLOOD.

  • All 3 babies cried at birth, weighing1 Kg(Male), 700 gram (Male) and 650 gram (FEMALE).

  • Fortunately, the post-operative period was uneventful and she was discharged on 4th day after transfusing 1 unit BLOOD.
  • All the babies were promptly shifted to NICU. With proper ventilator support, they gradually improved, started feeding and were discharged one after another.
  • Now they all have gained proper weight, feeding well.