Infertility- what couple wants

In Infertility, it's very important to LISTEN to the couple's Voice and RESPECT that. A Doctor should NOT take any decision. Rather the doctor explain to the couple, different treatment options, the merits and demerits of each option, so that the COUPLE CAN TAKE DECISION.

We encourage the couples to take time, to discuss between themselves and to read different articles BEFORE TAKING the DECISION FOR A PARTICULAR TREATMENT.

No treatment is the BEST. Every treatment (Trying naturally, Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy) has its own benefits, risks and financial implications. So always ASK QUESTIONS to your doctor. Apart from financial preparation, MENTAL PREPARATION is very much important.

This couple had been trying for pregnancy for last 4 years. The husband's age is 38 years and wife's age is 36. They were advised IVF outside, only because of age.

When they came to us, we found all tests were normal. We asked them "WHAT YOU ARE THINKING?" They said, "We want to try for some more time". On further enquiry, we discovered that they had very INFREQUENT INTERCOURSE (once in a month) because of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) of the Husband. We treated the husband and his condition improved. .This couple wanted to start Ovulation Induction this month. They called us yesterday as she missed her period. Today, even before starting and Fertility Treatment, they got the GOOD NEWS.

Please pray for them.