Endometrial Polyp, Infertility, SSG

Polyps are small overgrowths of the tissues (like a "fleshy mass").

If there are polyps in the Endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus), these must be removed, when a woman is having Infertility or abnormal bleeding or if the polyp is of large size.

Polyps are often not accurately diagnosed by ordinary ultrasound (not even by TVS- where ultrasound probe is inserted inside the vagina).

However, the SSG (SalineSonoGraphy) is an excellent method to diagnose the polyps. SSG is a procedure like TVS but here with the help of a narrow tube, saline is introduced inside the uterus through the vagina.

The picture reveals the SSG of a woman suffering from Infertility.

  • Yellow Arrow- Uterus.
  • Red Arrow- Saline inside the Endometrium (the black coloured area).
  • Green Arrow- The Polyp.
  • Blue Arrow- The saline inside the abdomen (means the Fallopian tubes are Open).

We are planning to post her for Hysteroscopy for removal of the Polyp.