Ejaculation Problem, Infertility, Self-Insemination

Self Insemination is a process of "Natural Conception" that can help to achieve pregnancy in Ejaculation Problem.

This couple came to us with the Ejaculation problem. They were married for 3 months. The man could not ejaculate during intercourse. However, he was able to ejaculate during masturbation and he also experienced "night fall".

We tried to find out the cause by taking detailed history, physical examination and tests (blood, urine, Ultrasound). However, all reports were normal. We tried few medicines (their efficacy in Ejaculation Problem is doubtful) but these did not work.

Finally, we asked them "what do you think". They were eager to have pregnancy. They wanted to go for IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) directly. But as they were young and had just started planning for pregnancy, we advised them to try for "Self Insemination" for 3 months.

They followed "Self Insemination" at home. The wife detected the time of "Ovulation" (release of eggs from the ovaries) using urine test by LH kit. When the test was positive, they used to practise insemination into the vagina. No medical assistance was needed for this purpose.

They finally returned to us last week with good news.

Please pray for them.

PS- uploaded with kind permission